The Cheapest GSM Mobile Phone in India costs Rs. 374 only

What do you thing is the price of the cheapest GSM mobile phone in India? Well is it around a thousand rupees. One is sure to get shocked to know that the cheapest GSM mobile phone in India barely costs around Rs. 374. The actual price of this mobile phone being Rs. 1999, but there is one online retailer called "Deals and You", which is giving away this mobile phone at so cheap price. However, it is to be noted that this phone is not those crappy Chinese mobiles, but it is a product from the brand Reliance.
The model number as marked in the phone is Reliance Classic 7610. The phone features a 1.5 inch coloured display and wide range of polyphonic ring tones. For the purpose of entertainment and fun this cheapest GSM mobile phone also sports mono FM radio playback. This mobile handset is a basic mobile phone, candy bar shaped. It is powered by a 1000 mAh battery which offers a long standing battery life of 240 hours on single charging.

The phone is actually priced at Rs. 599 at "Deals and You" retailer website. But one can buy the phone for Rs. 374 by using this coupon code 'CCDNY', while proceeding to make payment in their website. However the offer is limited and is valid for today only. But being the cheapest GSM mobile phone, the price is worth its features.

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