Monday, 15 September 2014

Spotify for Amazon Fire TV brings access to millions of songs to the users

Now, you can enjoy the on demand song service by Spotify in Amazon Fire TV, which has been added last Monday, the 15th of September, 2014. Spotify who is leading the business for providing on-demand song service, with about 20 million songs to choose from and with subscriber strength of about 10 million is available on Amazon Fire TV. No competitor of Spotify has such a humongous number of paid users and with its introduction in Amazon Fire TV the numbers are expected to grow.

In their blog post, Spotify revealed that now users can control the Spotify on Amazon Fire TV by using their mobile phones and tablets as a remote by an small app called Spotify Connect. Amazon Fire TV supports the control of the music that is being played on the mobile to be transferred and played in the TV without any hassles by the help of the Spotify Connect App. This will allow the phone to be free to receive calls and even go out of WiFi range with the music being continually played in the Amazon Fire TV.

To get the service of Spotify for Amazon Fire TV, one must subscribe to Spotify Connect which costs around $9.99 per month. Amazon Fire TV was launched in April at a price of $99 and the Amazon team has been working hard to introduce near features and service. With the launch of Spotify for Amazon Fire TV it has been speculated that it might boost the sales to some extent. 
Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Samsung Galaxy Note Edge featuring curved screen announced today by Samsung

Samsung has today announced about their latest additions to the Galaxy flagship series the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Edge. The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 along with the S Pen is all made to provide the best experience of mobile technology to the users.
Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Galaxy Edge
The all new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will feature a 5.7 inch screen with a resolution of 2560x1440 pixels Quad HD! It screen will be Super AMOLED to provide crystal clear display. All this features will result in vivid images, with brilliant colour contrasts and other balances, and obviously superior viewing angles. The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will feature a very fast response time is said to be about one millionth of a second which is expected to provide a mind blowing viewing experience. Apart from this the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will feature 16 mega pixels primary camera with Optical Image Stabilization facility for the “shaky” hands and a 3.7 MP front camera. The cherry in the icing is the improved “finger print scanner” to secure personal data.

Coming to the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, the main difference from the Note 4 is that it will feature a curved screen. Rest of the specs are more or less same. The speciality of Edge lies in providing users to frequently used applications and notifications and device functionality just at a swipe of the finger tips.

When the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Edge will be available in stores?

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will be available in four colors (black, white, gold, pink) and will be available globally by October, whereas the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge will be available in selected regions through selected carriers by the end on this year.
Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Samsung Nook tablet priced at $179 arrives at Barnes and Noble today

The well anticipated Samsung Nook Tablet Priced at $179 finally arrived at Barnes and Noble. With this Samsung became the first to partner Barnes and Noble. The new tablet although sounds to be a latest inclusion but is actually as far as we came to no is the refurbished version of Galaxy Tab 4 with some minor changes. And yes, it obviously includes Nook software as the name Samsung Nook suggests. Although it is priced same around the normal version of the tablet, but with Barnes and Noble’s reading enhancing features, the tablet is supposed to sell more compared to the "non-nook" version.
The Samsung Nook tablet will feature a standard 7 inch screen with a display resolution of 1280x800. Although Barnes and Noble started pushing out Nook tablets in 2012, but they soon stopped production within a year as the company’s didn’t climb up to the expectation. But behind the scene, it has been working the keep the Nook tablet line surviving and with Samsung as their new partner, there efforts seem like to be paid off.
Although, Samsung Nook made the entry to the lost cost tablet section, it will have to face heavy competition from others like Kindle. But the advantage of Samsung Nook tablet compared to Amazon Kindle is that it provides total access to the Google Play Store. So, Samsung Nook users will have wider range of applications to select from compared to Kindle. With the reputation of Samsung and attractively priced at $179, the new Samsung Nook tablet is expected to keep the Nook line alive for a long time ahead.
Thursday, 14 August 2014

5 tips to make people stay longer in your webpages and blogs

We all wish people to stay longer in our webpages, after all a writer write so that his or her work is read. But many web pages suffer a high bounce rate. By bounce rate I mean the rate (average of duration of stay in the blog or site) at which the people navigate away from the blog or website. This could be executed by the user by simply hitting the back button or closing the web browser all together. And no website owner wants this to happen and obviously it is detrimental if you are running an online business. The cause of this high bounce rate is multifactorial. In today’s tutorial we’ll be looking at 5 ways to decrease this nasty bounce rate. Yes, this are basic SEO tricks but are very useful in making people stay longer in webpages if applied correctly.

5 tips to make people stay longer in your site

So, here is the list of the 5 ways to make people stay longer in your website. This tips worked for me and I believe it will work for you too.
Site loading speed: Ask yourself this question. How long are you willing to wait for a page to load? Certainly, not much I guess. This is the case with most of the users. If the page don’t load within seconds, they are likely to hit the back button or close the page. This usually occurs with the usage of complex template for the webpage as well as improper formatting. To avoid this one should choose a simple template that loads within seconds. Also one can opt for “read more” options and resort to the using of few essential widgets if one wants. One should also show only a few numbers of posts in the home page. A webpage with 5 posts in the home page will definitely load faster than the one with 30 in the main page.

Quality Content: The phrase “Content is King” is one which is definitely in the minds of every blogger. Your site should provide good amount of information that the people visiting it is seeking. The posts should be easily readable and understandable. Even if you hold a PhD in English literature, using of "erudite vernacular" should be avoided as the consequence is negative. And also most people may not hold such a degree like yours, so if your words do not make sense to them, no one can bind them to stay in your site. The best is to use plain simple language. I am not a professor in literature but still I would like to mention that the writing should be absorbing and interesting. Such that even if you write humongous posts, it should be carved in such a way that people don’t lose interest in the midway. Obviously, grammatical mistakes should be avoided, as there is a natural propensity of people to judge writers by their writing. Nonsensical phrases my drive away the readers and believe me they won’t ever come to read anything in your blog.

Relevant Content: You must make proper use of the keywords that you are targeting. After you have selected a keyword for targeting, make sure that your post revolves around that topic. Many a time it happens that organic traffic reaching your site through the search engines finds the topic to be irrelevant to the term they searched for. This compels the user to leave your page and thus a higher bounce rate. To avoid this before, writing or posting make sure you have valuable information to share regarding the targeted phrase. Also, keyword stuffing may be the cause of this, so that practice should be strictly avoided.

Suggested Articles: What after someone is done with reading your article completely? How to make the person to stay longer? This is where role of the link to suggested posts comes to play. If you group link to similar links at the bottom of the article which are similar to that topic, there is high chance for that person to read one more article and thus stay longer in your page. You can find several widgets/plugins for blogger, wordpress or any website that could put a link at the bottom of the current post. Also to grab the attention you can put such links in between the post which are known as internal links.

Avoid Pop-Up pages as far as possible. This is which I personally find very irritating and I definitely hit the back button. So does many. Who does like to be fired with a pop-up every now and then when someone is actually looking for is some decent information. So, stop using scripts that creates pop-up nuisance every few seconds, or it will definitely drive away the viewer of your webpage.

Well, with this I conclude the 5 ways which I found to be effective in making people stay longer in the webpage. Apart from this there are many possible way to make people stay longer in your webpages or blogs, and if you have anything to add or any brighter idea, then it is always welcomed to be shared in the comment section.
Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Download Foursquare's Swarm for Windows mobile and check which friend is near by your location

Foursquare’s Swarm for Windows mobile is available for download now in the Windows Store. As promised by Foursquare, they had finally brought Swarm app for Windows mobile which also increased their cross platform reach. This software which allows users to check-in, organize events, messaging friends and to find out how far your friends are from your location is up for download from the Windows Store.
Swarm, which is proclaimed to be the fastest way to keep up and meet up with friends, is finally available for download for Windows Mobile. The design of the software remains more or less same as it is in the other platforms like the iOS and Android. Only difference in the Swarm app for Windows mobile is that the navigation tab is present in the top whereas in the other two have the same options in the bottom. However, there has been no compromise with the user experience.

Earlier Foursquare have unbundled the check-in feature and had mainly focused in location based recommendation since then. For these many users have expressed their dissatisfaction through the App store review section and many have stopped using the software totally. Although Swarm for WindowsMobile is available for download, but will it be able to get the earlier user volume or the support of its critics is still a debatable question.

US based retailer Newegg now ships their products to India, Singapore and four other countries

Several online enterprises are doing well in India and other Asian and European countries. But recently a new competitor has joined this Eurasian online shopping league which happens to be the US based retailer electronics Newegg which will be shipping its products to India, Singapore, Ireland, Netherlands, New Zealand and Poland. This expansion happens to be Newegg’s latest move for expanding global trading by the aforesaid online electronics selling site. Newegg is already operational in United Kingdom and Australia for the last few months and now India, Singapore, Ireland, Poland, New Zealand and Netherlands are the latest regions where the site will be delivering their products. Chief Marketing Officer of the e-Store said that, “We’re excited to continue bringing the Newegg service, products and deals to a wider, more global audience,” and also added, “We’re committed to growing Newegg in these regions so people from all around the world can experience the stellar shopping experience our North American customers currently enjoy.”
To buy a thing, one can simply visit to the Newegg website for India or Singapore or any of the other four countries. The website URL stays the same, that is and will be automatically redirected to the regional site when visited or one can select from a drop down menu there if not redirected. The regional sites will provide prices in their national currency. Apart from national currency option, Newegg also added multilingual customer service in order to avoid communication barriers during inquiries and transaction.

To begin with, the international store will have a limited number of products for the time being but the company has said that new products will be added regularly to give a wide variety of choices to the customer to select from. Also, there will be shipping charges that some customers might find significantly high in addition to the limited number of products at the moment. However, a Singapore based tech blog has revealed that even after including all the prices (cost price, taxes, shipping charges) for the product, it might actually cost low then the local retailers. So if you are living in India, Singapore, Netherlands, Ireland, New Zealand or Poland and planning to buy any electronics you might like to compare the final price in your local store with Newegg as there are good chances of getting the same product for lower price from Neweggg’s site.
Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Twitter Promoted Video Ads service will charge advertisers only, no publisher system available

The Twitter Promoted Video Ads service has been launched today by the company in beta phase. This advertisement feature will only charge advertisers. There will be no publisher method for users to get paid. The Twitter promoted video ads will charge advertiser each time a user plays a video. We can call it the cost per view video advertisement model. The company said that the main reason for this is to increase engagement in their service by delivering rich content of interest through the Twitter Promoted Video Ads as well as native videos.

The beta phase will provide new video uploading tools for advertisers to upload and share the videos with the millions of users. These tools will also provide the statistics of performance of their Twitter promoted Video ads. Twitter has been experimenting with embedded video options since earlier this year, and it has found that tweet containing native videos perform better than the other one. The embedded videos service will work with a bot that will allow users to see video links of the ads directly in the streamline instead of redirecting the user to a separate page.

However, the Twitter native video services are currently available to a handful of advertisers and verified users. But one can opt for Twitter Promoted Video Ads in exchange of the fee right away. But if you wish to use the native video feature instead of the Twitter promoted video ads feature you need to get in touch with your account representative.