Samsung Nook tablet priced at $179 arrives at Barnes and Noble today

The well anticipated Samsung Nook Tablet Priced at $179 finally arrived at Barnes and Noble. With this Samsung became the first to partner Barnes and Noble. The new tablet although sounds to be a latest inclusion but is actually as far as we came to no is the refurbished version of Galaxy Tab 4 with some minor changes. And yes, it obviously includes Nook software as the name Samsung Nook suggests. Although it is priced same around the normal version of the tablet, but with Barnes and Noble’s reading enhancing features, the tablet is supposed to sell more compared to the "non-nook" version.
The Samsung Nook tablet will feature a standard 7 inch screen with a display resolution of 1280x800. Although Barnes and Noble started pushing out Nook tablets in 2012, but they soon stopped production within a year as the company’s didn’t climb up to the expectation. But behind the scene, it has been working the keep the Nook tablet line surviving and with Samsung as their new partner, there efforts seem like to be paid off.
Although, Samsung Nook made the entry to the lost cost tablet section, it will have to face heavy competition from others like Kindle. But the advantage of Samsung Nook tablet compared to Amazon Kindle is that it provides total access to the Google Play Store. So, Samsung Nook users will have wider range of applications to select from compared to Kindle. With the reputation of Samsung and attractively priced at $179, the new Samsung Nook tablet is expected to keep the Nook line alive for a long time ahead.

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