5 tips to make people stay longer in your webpages and blogs

We all wish people to stay longer in our webpages, after all a writer write so that his or her work is read. But many web pages suffer a high bounce rate. By bounce rate I mean the rate (average of duration of stay in the blog or site) at which the people navigate away from the blog or website. This could be executed by the user by simply hitting the back button or closing the web browser all together. And no website owner wants this to happen and obviously it is detrimental if you are running an online business. The cause of this high bounce rate is multifactorial. In today’s tutorial we’ll be looking at 5 ways to decrease this nasty bounce rate. Yes, this are basic SEO tricks but are very useful in making people stay longer in webpages if applied correctly.

5 tips to make people stay longer in your site

So, here is the list of the 5 ways to make people stay longer in your website. This tips worked for me and I believe it will work for you too.
Site loading speed: Ask yourself this question. How long are you willing to wait for a page to load? Certainly, not much I guess. This is the case with most of the users. If the page don’t load within seconds, they are likely to hit the back button or close the page. This usually occurs with the usage of complex template for the webpage as well as improper formatting. To avoid this one should choose a simple template that loads within seconds. Also one can opt for “read more” options and resort to the using of few essential widgets if one wants. One should also show only a few numbers of posts in the home page. A webpage with 5 posts in the home page will definitely load faster than the one with 30 in the main page.

Quality Content: The phrase “Content is King” is one which is definitely in the minds of every blogger. Your site should provide good amount of information that the people visiting it is seeking. The posts should be easily readable and understandable. Even if you hold a PhD in English literature, using of "erudite vernacular" should be avoided as the consequence is negative. And also most people may not hold such a degree like yours, so if your words do not make sense to them, no one can bind them to stay in your site. The best is to use plain simple language. I am not a professor in literature but still I would like to mention that the writing should be absorbing and interesting. Such that even if you write humongous posts, it should be carved in such a way that people don’t lose interest in the midway. Obviously, grammatical mistakes should be avoided, as there is a natural propensity of people to judge writers by their writing. Nonsensical phrases my drive away the readers and believe me they won’t ever come to read anything in your blog.

Relevant Content: You must make proper use of the keywords that you are targeting. After you have selected a keyword for targeting, make sure that your post revolves around that topic. Many a time it happens that organic traffic reaching your site through the search engines finds the topic to be irrelevant to the term they searched for. This compels the user to leave your page and thus a higher bounce rate. To avoid this before, writing or posting make sure you have valuable information to share regarding the targeted phrase. Also, keyword stuffing may be the cause of this, so that practice should be strictly avoided.

Suggested Articles: What after someone is done with reading your article completely? How to make the person to stay longer? This is where role of the link to suggested posts comes to play. If you group link to similar links at the bottom of the article which are similar to that topic, there is high chance for that person to read one more article and thus stay longer in your page. You can find several widgets/plugins for blogger, wordpress or any website that could put a link at the bottom of the current post. Also to grab the attention you can put such links in between the post which are known as internal links.

Avoid Pop-Up pages as far as possible. This is which I personally find very irritating and I definitely hit the back button. So does many. Who does like to be fired with a pop-up every now and then when someone is actually looking for is some decent information. So, stop using scripts that creates pop-up nuisance every few seconds, or it will definitely drive away the viewer of your webpage.

Well, with this I conclude the 5 ways which I found to be effective in making people stay longer in the webpage. Apart from this there are many possible way to make people stay longer in your webpages or blogs, and if you have anything to add or any brighter idea, then it is always welcomed to be shared in the comment section.

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Christina James said...

I agree with the site loading thing. It really sucks when the site loads slow despite of a decent internet connection. Thanks for the other tips by the way.