Download Foursquare's Swarm for Windows mobile and check which friend is near by your location

Foursquare’s Swarm for Windows mobile is available for download now in the Windows Store. As promised by Foursquare, they had finally brought Swarm app for Windows mobile which also increased their cross platform reach. This software which allows users to check-in, organize events, messaging friends and to find out how far your friends are from your location is up for download from the Windows Store.
Swarm, which is proclaimed to be the fastest way to keep up and meet up with friends, is finally available for download for Windows Mobile. The design of the software remains more or less same as it is in the other platforms like the iOS and Android. Only difference in the Swarm app for Windows mobile is that the navigation tab is present in the top whereas in the other two have the same options in the bottom. However, there has been no compromise with the user experience.

Earlier Foursquare have unbundled the check-in feature and had mainly focused in location based recommendation since then. For these many users have expressed their dissatisfaction through the App store review section and many have stopped using the software totally. Although Swarm for WindowsMobile is available for download, but will it be able to get the earlier user volume or the support of its critics is still a debatable question.

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