Bacon Number - A new Google Search Feature

We have seen many search features in Google and Bacon Number is the latest addition to that. No, this number doesn't refer to the number assigned to the pork product by the meatpacking companies. The concept of Bacon Number is derived from the Six Degrees of Bacon Number. Wikipedia has described it as a variation on "six degrees of separation" which posits that everyone in the world is no more than six acquaintance links from anyone else on Earth.
With this feature one can use to find the Bacon number of any actor or actress. The number implies how closely the actor or the actress is connected to Kevin Bacon. Higher number means lower connection and the opposite. To use this feature all you have to do is type the following in Google Search - "bacon number actor/actress name". Just replace the last part with actor's or actress' names like Megan Fox, Daniel Radcliffe or anyone you like to find their bacon number. I have done this with Kate Winslet. Check the picture and the interpretation below.
As you can see from the above example that Kate Winslet was in Titanic with Bill Paxton and Bill Paxton was with Kevin Bacon in Apollo 13. So Paxton will get a Bacon number of 1 and Kate Winslet who never appeared in a movie with Kevin Bacon gets 2. This means they are connected through different films and not directly so a lower value. However, it is to be noted that a very few actors have undefined bacon number in the sense that they can't be linked to Kevin in any way. Try this with your favorite actor or actress and find their Bacon Number and have fun.

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