US based retailer Newegg now ships their products to India, Singapore and four other countries

Several online enterprises are doing well in India and other Asian and European countries. But recently a new competitor has joined this Eurasian online shopping league which happens to be the US based retailer electronics Newegg which will be shipping its products to India, Singapore, Ireland, Netherlands, New Zealand and Poland. This expansion happens to be Newegg’s latest move for expanding global trading by the aforesaid online electronics selling site. Newegg is already operational in United Kingdom and Australia for the last few months and now India, Singapore, Ireland, Poland, New Zealand and Netherlands are the latest regions where the site will be delivering their products. Chief Marketing Officer of the e-Store said that, “We’re excited to continue bringing the Newegg service, products and deals to a wider, more global audience,” and also added, “We’re committed to growing Newegg in these regions so people from all around the world can experience the stellar shopping experience our North American customers currently enjoy.”
To buy a thing, one can simply visit to the Newegg website for India or Singapore or any of the other four countries. The website URL stays the same, that is and will be automatically redirected to the regional site when visited or one can select from a drop down menu there if not redirected. The regional sites will provide prices in their national currency. Apart from national currency option, Newegg also added multilingual customer service in order to avoid communication barriers during inquiries and transaction.

To begin with, the international store will have a limited number of products for the time being but the company has said that new products will be added regularly to give a wide variety of choices to the customer to select from. Also, there will be shipping charges that some customers might find significantly high in addition to the limited number of products at the moment. However, a Singapore based tech blog has revealed that even after including all the prices (cost price, taxes, shipping charges) for the product, it might actually cost low then the local retailers. So if you are living in India, Singapore, Netherlands, Ireland, New Zealand or Poland and planning to buy any electronics you might like to compare the final price in your local store with Newegg as there are good chances of getting the same product for lower price from Neweggg’s site.

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