Twitter Promoted Video Ads service will charge advertisers only, no publisher system available

The Twitter Promoted Video Ads service has been launched today by the company in beta phase. This advertisement feature will only charge advertisers. There will be no publisher method for users to get paid. The Twitter promoted video ads will charge advertiser each time a user plays a video. We can call it the cost per view video advertisement model. The company said that the main reason for this is to increase engagement in their service by delivering rich content of interest through the Twitter Promoted Video Ads as well as native videos.

The beta phase will provide new video uploading tools for advertisers to upload and share the videos with the millions of users. These tools will also provide the statistics of performance of their Twitter promoted Video ads. Twitter has been experimenting with embedded video options since earlier this year, and it has found that tweet containing native videos perform better than the other one. The embedded videos service will work with a bot that will allow users to see video links of the ads directly in the streamline instead of redirecting the user to a separate page.

However, the Twitter native video services are currently available to a handful of advertisers and verified users. But one can opt for Twitter Promoted Video Ads in exchange of the fee right away. But if you wish to use the native video feature instead of the Twitter promoted video ads feature you need to get in touch with your account representative.

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