How to find keywords for SEO to boost traffic instantly?

You won’t get good traffic unless you know how to find keywords for SEO and use them correctly. Getting the right keyword or keyword phrase is equally as important as using them correctly in post for search engine optimization. This is one of the search engine optimization basics to be learned, or no “word” is going to take you any further. First thing first, before making a post you should determine which keywords or keyword phrase you’ll be using. So, make a list of that. A good way to start is to think like the people about what they are going to search to get to the topic you’ll writing about or the product you’ll be selling. To get statistics about the searches you can use some SEO keyword tools. Both paid and free versions of SEO Keyword tools are available. Although paid versions gives more detailed statistics but one can start with free ones like Adwords keyword Planner tool which also gives ideas about related searches or you can use BruceClay Free SEO Keyword Tool to get the search volumes on different engines. From there you can find keywords for SEO and make a list out of it. I would suggest making a long list when you are planning of using keywords for SEO. Just don’t including only those highly searched SEO keywords, including the medium ones too. It is because the highly searched ones have more competitors and would not be fruitful if you just stuff your post with them or using keywords for SEO correctly just because of competition. Perfect balance of both high and medium intensity SEO keywords are desirable.

Should you select keyword or keyword phrases for SEO?

A keyword is a single word whereas a keyword phrase is a bunch of meaningful words usually two or more. People use single word to gather information as it gives a broad search result. On the other hand, phrases are used to get specific results and it is usually used when someone is planning to buy something. So, if you are selling a service or a product then phrases are what you should give your attention to. Also statistics shows that about 55 to 60 per cent of the searches are keyword phrases, so you should probably give more concentration to it, but don’t ignore single keywords altogether. But while making the “long” list, find keywords for SEO as well as key phrases.

Concentrating and dilutional effects of Keyword in SEO

This is one of important aspect of using the correct keywords for webpages for Search Engine Optimization. Suppose you are selling white tennis balls and your site talks about only white balls. Obviously the search engine will give you a rank higher for that product. But now you started to sell Black tennis balls as well, thus removing your exclusiveness that you held while selling white ones. This will dilute the theme and thus decrease your rank even for the white tennis ball searches that you gained earlier. The best way to avoid this is to create different webpages and retaining the exclusiveness. This implies to the individual posts you make on your site. Suppose here I am talking about how to find keywords for SEO for best results, but now if I talk about some other irrelevant topics, it will dilute the theme of this post and thus will have a negative effect on searches. Just finding the correct keywords for SEO is not enough, sticking to the one which is relevant to your theme is more important.
Did you notice the missing D in the first view? :)

Use stop words, don’t sound like a robot.

Google has stopped indexing stop words (eg. as, the, for, etc.) but they are still used to give the most relevant search results. In this post users could have got here by searching for the keyword phrase “find keywords SEO how” but that definitely sounds like a robot and so instead I have used how to find keywords for SEO, which sounds more natural and acceptable. Also, using “robotic phrases” might give an impression of keyword stuffing and may give a negative effect although in the beginning you might get a good rank. The long term outcome is always bad though. So “use stop words” whenever you need it to make it more natural sounding.

Also when you find a keyword, you must make sure that it generates no or minimal bounce rates. Bounce rate means the rate at which people leaves your page by staying only for a brief period. We all want users to stay longer in our pages, so make sure you don’t use bounce words!

Based on the above principles now I think you’ll be able to shortlist and select the best keywords for SEO of your webpage or individual posts by selecting it as it is or modifying it using stop words. However, the story doesn’t end here. We are just done with the first part that is how to find keywords for SEO, to use them correctly I would recommend you to read my post on using keywords correctly to write SEO articles. Hope it will be helpful.

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